Gateway to Nuswantara


Rani, a 16 years old girl who was born, raised and grown in Bandung, experienced a series of strange events after the divorce of her parents.

Started with getting lost on a hill with no peak, the visit from her uncle and cousin she had never known before, being introduced to javanese culture, and discovering a portal to another dimension!

Not just that, Rani and her cousin Bima desperately entered the portal and found that the things behind the Gate was actually far from her imagination about 'the other world'. In that world, Rani saw an overly luxurious city, strange creatures and a terribly handsome prince who stole her heart. The problem is, their visiting time is limited.

Can they find their way back home and move on from the magical world?

Published: November 2015
Genre: sci-fi / history / adventure  / teen
ISBN 978-979-709-912-1
Publisher: Penerbit Buku Kompas (PBK)
322 pages of novel 13 x 19 cm
Language: English
Cover Design: Richard Hendrick
English Edition Price IDR 175,000

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Praises for 'Gateway To Nuswantara'

"Characters in Victoria's novel, with her Nuswantara pilgrimage, are the reflection of "our" struggle in order to be more prestiged and dignified. Does it need to "think" that cultivate a sense of the experience and to live life?
For sure, this novel invites us to appreciate more deeply for the "richness of Nusantaran life wisdom" to become truly Indonesia. Written by the present generation, it also has unique perspective. Happy reading with the heart and the mind."
-Mudji Sutrisno S. J., Humanist

"It is important for each generation to get to know its own people, especially with his own ways. Whereas by Victoria Tunggono's way, is by covering everything from the past for the sake of writing a novel, thus many people will acknowledge of how it was."
-Seno Gumira Ajidarma, Penulis

"Victoria Tunggono beautifully embodies the charm of the past in the present courtship with her elegant and alluring contemporary style. Her work is a light in the treasures of Nuswantaran literature."
-Rio Haminoto, Penulis

"The teen novel cleverly captures Indonesia's history and culture. It uniquely incorporates science fiction with elements of Javanese culture." 
-The Jakarta Post, Newspaper

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